Blog Sale Time

I have so much unloved and unused make up items that I thought instead of throwing them away I would hold a little (well large) blogsale. As always there are certain 'rules'

You must have a postal address in the United Kingdom

Please comment below with the item number (s) and your email address.

First come first served

Payment to be made within 24 hours as a  gift on paypal to hayleyxoxo@ymail.com
I will post as soon as payment has been made.
I can't be held responsible for the royal mail if it gets lost - if you want recorded then please ask but postage will be more!
Any questions tweet me at @thefaerieglen

1 to 4 items postage will be £2.20
4-8 items postage will be £2.80
8 or more items will be £3.20



1) Revlon Plum Attraction (used once) £1.00
2) Revlon Plummy (used once) £1.00
3) Revlon Purple Petal - £1.00
4) OPI Skull&GlossBones (used once) - £4.00
5) Models Own Beth's blue (used twice) - £2.00
6) Bourjois Rose Satin (swatched) £1.50
7) Sleek Royalty (used no more than 4 times) 50p
8) Sleek Oxford (used twice) 50p
9)Barry M Limited Edition (used twice) £1.00
10)Barry M Mushroom (used twice) £1.00
11) Barry M Bright Purple (used once) £1.00
12) Beauty UK Lilac (used once) 50p
13) Body Collection Mint Breeze (glitter) (used once) 50p


14) "17" Bon Bon (never used) - 50p
15) "17" Watermelon Crush (never used) 50p
16) ELF Gipsy (never used) 50p
17) ELF Rosy Raisin (used twice) £1.00
22)Collection 2000 Sweet Tart (used twice) £2.00
23) Collection 2000 Ruby Red (swatched) £2.00
24) Barry M "147" (used three times) £1.50
25) Barry M "153" (used three times) £1.50
26) MeMeMe China Rose (used three times) £2.00
27) MeMeMe Pashmina Pink £2.00
28) ELF Fantasy (never used) 50p


29) MAC Tartan Tale pigments *warm thrill seekers* (used two of them twice) £12
30) MAC Venemous Villians Beauty Powder *Her Own Devices* (95% left) £10

31) 5 depotted Mac Blushers with a 6 pan palettePENDING:
Top (L-R) Well Dressed Pinch O' Peaches: Bottom (L-R) Peaches, Style and Honour

(Postage will be £5 and will be recorded) £45.00 for all of them.


32) Accessorize Monaco (still has dome) £1.50
33) Sleek Coral (still 95% left) £1.50
34) Bobbi Brown, Blushed (used once) £6.00
35)"17" bronzer Light (still 98% left) £1.50
36) Accessorize Pretty Pink (still has dome) £1.50
37) Inglot '85' (still 96% left) £3.00
38) Bourjois "chocolate bronzer" shade 52 (still has 40%) £1.50

Thanks for looking :)


Back to basics

Long time no speak my fellow bloggettes (think baguette mixed with blog - tada) My last post was on the 21st of January - a life time a go... many things have changed since then. Some for the better some for the worst...well not the worst, but I really don't like change so this is a big step for me.
 Where to begin, where to begin... I guess the beginning is a good place to start....

I left Gosport. I moved out. I left my four year relationship behind....

Well you can hardly call it a relationship...more of a sham...the first year of our relationship was incredible, perfect some would say...but once where he got me so I was comfortable, his walls started to crumble and his true self came out - by this time I was hooked and that deeply fallen I couldn't see the light to get out...couldn't find the armbands to drag me out of the raising tide....I was slowly drowning and no one knew.

After years of struggling and telling myself that it will get better, that it was my fault he would mentally torture me, I snapped...I had, had enough...the feisty old me was ready to fight ready to take a stand and be free...a little dramatic it may seem but any one who has been broken, brusied and bullied will know that you only take so much, you only allow yourself to be weak for a certain time then it snaps...it all comes out....I wasn't weak anymore...I had found my strength....

I came home...home to my family that he had taken me from, back to the safety of my Mum who wouldn't let anything harm me. Slowly I began to tell my family the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth....

There was no going back, I had made my mind up, I would rather be alone and happy then with him and scared...I was scared of the man I once loved...I haven't allowed myself to cry since the break up...why cry..because the man I left wasn't the man I fell in love with...he changed...the man I loved died a long time ago.....

So here I am sat in the local library, as luck would have it my laptops have broken so this is the only communcation I get with the web...I've missed my blog, I miss been able to write what ever comes to my min, no matter how random and vulnerable it makes me...my blog is my place to feel safe...to be free.

I am looking for work and deciding on what I want to do with my life...I really want to go to University, a dream that has been on hold for the last four years, something that I wasn't allowed to do, but now I can. I am going to save some money so I can rent my own place. There is a place I once knew in Leeds City Centre, a beautiful studio apartment on the Headrow, with sash windows and a large spacious living area...I know about this  place as my  16 year old self went there one night with a man I met in town...don't worry I'm not going to spill any details, as there weren't any to spill, I was too busy admiring his apartment, and yes I mean his apartment, no innuendos here...although I could make a few up if you want. I have no idea if it is still rentable but I know when the time comes I will be making calls, I want...no I need that apartment.

As for men...I don't want a relationship for a long time....I don't want to allow myself to get hurt again, time is a great healer so I have been told...but who knows - only time will tell.

I must go, apparently eating chewy sweets in the library isn't the correct procedure and by the looks of the library assitant she either really wants what I am eating OR she is going to throw me out...people my age are meant to be thrown out clubs not libraries...maybe it will catch on.... but until next time....

Stay true to yourself


If you see this girl, will you tell her where I am?

Everyone has that one friend that you would do anything for, the one person that you can ring in the middle of the night just for a chat. Someone that knows you better than anyone and they still like you. Good friends are like a good pair of jeans - hard to find but once you do, you grab onto those bad boys and run for the hills (of course paying for them before you dash). I had found my good pair of jeans, but after a stupid idiotic fight, we stopped talking - both as stubborn as each other, neither backing down. Skip forward a year, changed numbers, moved addresses - we lost touch with each. Numerous searches on google for her have returned zilch (I'm not a stalker I swear)
I love this picture, first of all no that is not a spot on my nose it is my nose stud. This was taken in Carpe Diem in Leeds City Centre - they do really nice sandwiches by the way! We used to always start shopping day in there for food. Dee was one of my best friends and I <3 her! I remember we went to a One Night Only signing which we seriously acted like tweens, we baked cupcakes - we were 20/21! We were just too cool for school, haha but no seriously we could act like total idiots around each other. We used to text each other our favourite quotes from the Harry Potter movies, we were both HP geeks, Dee introduced me to Twilight (she was team Jacob)
I think it is sad that two people that were so close let a stupid argument drift them apart - so much has happened that I have wanted to share with Dee but not knowing how to get in contact with her has been really upsetting. I know people do let life get in the way of their friendships, but it wasn't that....it was our stubbornness that made us grow apart. Don't take your friends for granted, especially those closest to you, because one day you will wake up and they won't be there.....



Nice to see you to see you nice

I was watching Maxine's vlog where she talked about using her make up products up as she felt she had too much etc. I agreed with everything she said and decided that I too would start to use my products up, I wasn't the only one who thought this as Lauren has also decided to do the same. Here are the products I aim to use up in the coming weeks. Some of these are hardly used and I feel so bad that I have wasted money by having the products just sat there in a drawer looking pretty. I want to apologise in advance for the changing light in the pictures - it's so darn hard to take a good picture.

As you can see I have picked a few items to use up in the next few weeks (I will be doing regular updates when I change the products etc), some the products I love others not so much. I just have to grin and bare it so I can use them. I have decided that when all the items I want to use have all gone then I can treat myself to something nice - beauty related (does this defeat the purpose!?)

Accessorize bronzer in shade 2 Monaco, Color S blush in Rosy Cheek, ELF blush in Glow
I'm not really a fan of bronzer any more and I have a couple to use up, I am going to lightly use this to contour with, all though I have come to terms with my rounded face and lack of cheekbones. I got the Color S blush when I was at Beauty College so I have no idea where you can actually purchase this. The ELF blush is so handy to just throw into my bag it is so small yet gives a nice glow to the cheeks.

ELF Complexion Perfection, 17 Photo Flawless Foundation in shade Soft Ivory, Prime It Face Primer.
I am just going to say I hate the ELF CP with a passion, it leaves my skin looking really cakey and just off it, but hey I have hit pan so it won't be long til it has all gone. This foundation is the only one I have included, it is a little dark but I love the finish of this product. The primer was bought from Bodycare it's okay, nothing special but it needs using up.

MeMeMe Flawless Face Powder in shade Natural
I love this product sooo much, it really sets my foundation and keeps me from looking shiny for a good few hours, there are some days when I wear this just on it's own. It is so light weight and leaves my skin looking flawless - just like it's name says.

Virgin Vie - Golden Eye Colour Sensation
I have had this product for years, years I tell thee! I got it one Christmas from either my Mum or my Auntie, I really love Virgin Vie products, it's such a shame it's not as easily available as it once was. I may start a petition to bring it back...whose with me!? These colours really compliment my eye colour (blue/grey) and I am going to really enjoy using these products up.

Lip Smacker in Bubble Gum, Collection 2000 Skyscraper mascara, ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips, ELF Eye Widerer in Pearl White, NYX eye/eyebrow pencil in shade Medium Brown, Rimmel London lipstick in shade in Pink Blush. 
I adore the Rimmel Lipstick so much, it is a really pretty colour and formulation is really nice. I don't know if you can still get this which is such a shame. The NYX pencil is brilliant for filling in my eyebrows, I love the well groomed brows the faker looking the better. The lip smacker packaging looks so nasty and I do apologise, it has just been thrown into my bag so many times oopsie. The mascara is starting to dry up and it has a plastic wand which is my least favourite wand, the ELF liner is appalling is doesn't show up on my skin at all but for £1.50 I didn't expect much. The luscious lipstick how ever is beautiful I really like it, it's such a pretty pink shade but it's rather sheer so it's wearable day or night.

So there you have it girls, my selection of products to use up. I am really excited about using them up as I forgot about some of them and how much I actually liked them. If you would like any separate reviews on anything that you have seen then please just let me know below and I will do that. Are any of you doing something similar to what I am doing, if so I would love to see your posts on what you are doing.